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End of Year Rush. We have SFRs, MFRs in GA, FL, and a few other states.

End of Year Rush. We have SFRs, MFRs in GA, FL, and a few other states.

Occupied. Occupied – rehabbed

Vacant. Vacant – Rehabbed


Duplexes. Triplex. And larger

20 – 100 unit apartments

In town. Large City

Bulk. Cherry pick.

Even owner financing on some.

FYI; Our protocol is as follows;

We need a signed NCNDA, a property matrix would be useful,


Once received we will send you properties that you have requested.

For details to complete Due Diligence you must submit an offer/LOI and a recent POFs.

An opportunity to benefit from essential home services


Investor Invitation

Investor Invitation P1Investor Invitation P2

I would like to extend to you an opportunity to become a part of this incredibly profitable business, investors earn a minimum of 10% interest every year. (As you know banks are only offering 1-3% on your money in your account. The stock market, well, in my opinion is very complicated, it involves too many agents, managers etc.) If you have a 401K sitting in your bank account we can make that money work for you, if you invest $100,000 with us for one year you will receive $110,000 (principle + interest), if you leave it in the bank you will receive only $103,000 (principle + interest) a difference of $7000 – in your pocket. If you invested $500,000 you could live off the interest ($4000/month), just sit back and watch the money pour in – just think ‘No JOB’.
To ease any concerns you might express about the risk involved, keep in mind that real estate is one of the 3 major needs of survival – air, food & water and shelter.
We separate ourselves from the competition by utilizing our creative abilities of thinking outside the box, everyone WINS – Investors, Business Professionals, Home buyers, Home Sellers, the Government wins, and one other group of people – the Homeless, we will Raffle a house every year in a city we invest in and the proceeds will go to a Homeless Shelter or Organization.
We have global investors too. Investing in US Real Estate is now a Global Dream. We have discussed our ideas with various business leaders and other professionals that believe we cannot help but grow. National talk show to discuss our success. The opportunities are limitless and our passion is endless.
We have conducted a great deal of research and are well aware of any risks, we have consulted various business leaders and professionals – they know their business better than we do, we all firmly believe that this is a business opportunity that is bound to spark comments such as ‘Why didn’t we think of that’ or ‘I should have got in on this in the beginning’ or ‘What a fantastic idea’.
We have strategies that are so ‘mind-blowing’ we cannot tell you about them until you sign a non-disclosure agreement. All we can tell you, for now, is, it is a WIN WIN for EVERYONE!
Chris 404-300-3672 or Tony 770-776-6218 or