You do the math Investors (residential & commercial), and Property owners

1) Do you know how much your hydro costs?* or do you just pay the bill?

2) Do you know how much your gas heating costs?* or do you just pay the bill?

3) What about your other bills? Long distance calls, Cell phone, TV satellite, Direct TV, Energy & environment management, Property Maintenance, Services & Security, Internet & Games.

4) Florida, Arizona, California, to name just a few vacation states, do you have vacation homes and rentals? Increase your cash-flow, add value to your property and get paid on all essential home services too, (internet, games, long distance calls, unlimited TV channels, etc). You will benefit – some or most of these services will encourage vacationers to return just for all the extras – less advertising, less vacancies, less headaches.


Investors you could pass on the deals to your tenants or keep the benefits to yourself. In the lease contract you could also offer your tenants some of these deals. Just a thought.

Individual/small investors (less than 20 doors), offering these benefits could improve your reputation and encourage a waiting list of potential renters, whenever a unit becomes available, and it wouldn’t cost you any more money.


We, as a Real Estate Investors, will include these services in all our rental properties,  especially the short term accommodation (e.g bed and breakfast, motels/hotels, student housing), or long term assisted housing (e.g seniors citizens, health care, institutions).

We love deals, making money, and helping others do the same.


* US States, Canadian Provinces – de-regulated energy

Illinois                                                                        Alberta

Indiana                                                                      Ontario



New York


Pennsylvania ( Duquesne only)



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