Who Else wants to live in their own home?
Imagine living in your own home!

As you read every word of this article all the way to the end, you will realize there is an easy way YOU CAN WIN and live in a home you thought you couldn’t afford. To make it interesting, we’ve made a deliberate mistake in this letter, if you find it and you buy your new home from us we will give you a FLAT SCREEN TV – FREE. We have a Welcome letter that explains ways for you to earn extra income, just by talking to your family and friends, and we reveal ways to save money just by using the utilities and equipment you already use.

Did you know…
• you can move into your own home, without getting a mortgage from a bank? (Owner Financing).
• you could use ‘sweat equity’? you do the repairs.
• you can rent a home and after 12-24-36 months, part of the rent can be used for the down payment? then own your home.
• you can access organizations that will help you with the mortgage?
• veterans (active and retired) have organizations that will help too?
• there are government agencies to help with the costs of renovations?
• we pay referral fees, need extra income – it could cover the lease payments
• you can be in your own home within 30 days?

Are you….
• recovering from low credit rating? or bankruptcy problems? We can help.
• just starting a new job?
• saving four a down-payment?
• ‘handy’?
• re-locating?
• honest, dependable and attempting to get back on your feet?
• willing to be on a list for home-ownership?
• willing to pay a fee for your history check – refunded, if you qualify, or when you buy/lease from us.

Just picture you and your family in your own home, no-one living in an apartment below or above you, the kids can play in the backyard, you can sit on your own porch in the evenings, BBQs in the backyard, gardening.
There is a wrong way and a right way to buy a home. Stop paying rent for a home you will never own.

Three reasons to buy from us,
– we can help you, when no-body else will.
– we will not hold your credit or bankruptcy history against you.
– you don’t need the banks approval.
Contact us for further information, we will give 110%. Will you? Well, do you want to move into your own home?

PS; Don’t forget the deliberate mistake in this article. When you move in a new Flat Screen TV will be waiting for you.

PPS; Send email now, include the best way and time to contact you, and phone number, to get the best team on your side.

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