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Are you new to Canada and are unsure how to buy a house?

Are you new to Canada and you don’t have a credit history? Are you finding it very hard to get a mortgage because of your credit history, or lack of? Are you sure, you actually want to buy a house? Or live in an apartment for a while? There are several government agencies that will help you to understand the Canadian house buying process, a great Canada-wide publication is the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) – type in the search button and all the information you could ever need to help you understand more. Talk to your friends, business acquaintances, work mates, ask for recommendations, or contact us and we will help you as much as we can.


Do you have a bad credit rating?

Are you working on repairing that? Do you want to live a home because your family is growing? Another child? In-laws moving in? Need more space? Nuclear families? IF you want to clear up your credit history and still have a nice place to live, call us or send an email.



Do you have to sell your home NOW?

Call us, NOW! You may have to sell your house because of various reasons; – job transfer, inherited another house, bought another house and must get free of one of the mortgages, down-sizing, moving to a warmer climate, moving to your retirement dream location, don’t want to renovate. Call us or send an email lets see if we can help each other.


We also have Investment Opportunities

with a minimum 10% accrued interest on principle. We have investors, and investors are welcome. We have JV (partner) opportunities; we have solutions to most legal and common housing problems.


We buy houses, in any condition, we buy multi-unit residential properties, we lease to own single and multi-family properties. We will arrange management of your properties; we have contacts in all aspects of the Real Estate industry across the country. If you are wondering if we have a solution to your situation, send an email and we’ll let you know.

We do NOT get involved with Government housing or Landlord and Tenant issues. WE DO NOT LOAN MONEY