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End of Year Rush. We have SFRs, MFRs in GA, FL, and a few other states.

End of Year Rush. We have SFRs, MFRs in GA, FL, and a few other states.

Occupied. Occupied – rehabbed

Vacant. Vacant – Rehabbed


Duplexes. Triplex. And larger

20 – 100 unit apartments

In town. Large City

Bulk. Cherry pick.

Even owner financing on some.

FYI; Our protocol is as follows;

We need a signed NCNDA, a property matrix would be useful,


Once received we will send you properties that you have requested.

For details to complete Due Diligence you must submit an offer/LOI and a recent POFs.

Save money, Go green, Be healthier

My two passions in life are Real Estate Investing and Saving Money.

The following makes your indoor living more breathable, less toxic, less cluttered, more cost effective, more welcoming and ‘user friendly’.

My first suggestion for an environmental sound residential house can be applied to any building whether home, workplace, recreational, shopping, entertainment, etc. Cleaning: in our haste to be clean we buy products that contain chemicals, although there is a new trend to use ‘green products’ how green are these products – have you considered where the ingredients came from (transportation)? What is the packaging made of(& transportation)? How was the product made, how did they dispose of the garbage or excess materials? What happens to the garbage/excess materials when it has been removed from the manufacturers plant? What other products are produced by this company that is selling the ‘green product’, are they cashing in on the trend or are they sincere in their concerns for the environment?

What is the alternative and still be clean? My favorite cleaning technique STEAM, it cleans everything, I also used baking soda, vinegar, lemons & lemon juice, salt, olive oil and elbow grease. Yes, there is transportation involved, but it is minimized, and that’s the goal, to affect the environment as little as possible.

So how does this effect our individual health? In many, many ways; We breathe the chemicals, we build up these chemicals in our body and we reach the limit were these chemicals effect our health, we go to the Dr for relief of the health problems, the Dr will prescribe medications the counter-act our symptoms, sometimes the medications cause side-affects which means we need more medications, just because we wanted convenience in our life. How convenient are the cleaning products now? Don’t forget the damage caused by dry cleaning.

My second suggestion, disposal of no longer required household items and clothing.
– Swap shops
– Charities
– Church Spring/Fall Fairs
– Advertise on university or college notice boards
– Re-purpose into modern art, or other useful household items, you’ve all seen the old boots made into plant pots, plastic pop bottles into bird feeders.

Manufacturers have caught onto this idea they now produce items that look like old boots or pop bottles.
– Garage sales
– Schools could use your old books, crafts, sports equipment.
– Neighbors could maybe use it.
– Furniture re-use centers
– Re-use-it stores (i.e. Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Red Door).
– Use on camping tips

Thirdly, this one is my personal favorite, and is actually connected to my second suggestion, make your own gifts for birthdays, showers, anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukah, graduation. How does this effect the environment? And save money?

You already have the products at home or are easily obtained, you do not have to travel to the store, spend money on products that are not environmentally friendly (see suggestion #1).

Make your own candy, decorations, modern art, wind chimes, votive candle holders, frame your childs’ art for grandma, old wool clothing can be unwound and knitted into something else, if you don’t know how to knit – learn, or donate to somebody that can. Old wool clothing or blankets can be made into felt material by putting into the dryer and dry under ‘high’.

It is a lot easier these days to save money, ‘go green’ and live life healthier and to the fullest, with the internet available for ideas.